FAQ Volunteer Ecuador

You want to know all the details about volunteering in Ecuador with us ? Check our FAQ Volunteer Ecuador.

Who can participate in the volunteer programs?

Can I apply for a project if I don’t speak Spanish?

What type of international communications will be available to volunteers while in Ecuador?

What vaccinations do I need for Ecuador?

To what city in Ecuador do I need to take the international flight?

Will there be vegetarian food where I will be staying?

Can I visit the tourist sites of Ecuador during my free time?

What shall I to bring to Ecuador to contribute to the orphanage, street children, schools, and communities?

What hour is good time to arrive at the airport in Quito-Ecuador?

Can I arrive any day of the week?

Where are the projects located?

Which is the minimum time that I need to participate in the projects?

How much spending money shall I bring for my own needs?

When can I travel to Ecuador?

Projects Cost

Do I have to pay to be a volunteer?
Do I have to pay directly to the projects for my accommodation and meals?
Why are the costs of these volunteer programs lower than other organizations?
Does Eco-Volunteer UP receive some economic contribution from the projects?

Payment Options

When do I have to do the payment of my contribution to Eco-Volunteer UP?
When do I have to do the payment for my accommodation and meals?


Will the program provide any sort of insurance for the volunteers?
What is the responsibility of Eco Volunteer UP with the volunteers?
Are the volunteers safe while working on the projects?
Do I receive a certificate when I have done my volunteer work?

FAQ Volunteer Ecuador