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Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador

25 Mar , 2015  

Our program Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador is located on the outskirts of Quito, 30 minutes from the new town in a small neighbourhood. It is a public school for kids from 5 to 14 years old with few economic resources or parents who have immigrated to other countries and they live with some relatives. The children are divided in two groups to receive classes, in the morning classes are held for children from first to seventh grade and in the afternoon from eighth to tenth grade. There is no English teacher for the morning classes. Volunteers will take the place in order to teach in all of the grades basic English and organise activities with children (with additional hours required for lesson planning) by playing games, singing songs. The tasks are teaching English in the morning and assisting the English teacher in the afternoon. It is the opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience another culture and learn a new language. In the afternoons volunteers assist the English language teacher and interact with the children on a daily basis as well as impart important life-skills, give lessons on art and other creative activities. Both volunteers and children would mutually benefit from the experience.

Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador

Volunteer Teaching English in Ecuador offers you the opportunity to teach around 25 hours per week in different classrooms. The schedule is flexible and participants arrange the hours teaching with the director of the school. Volunteers have weekends free to explore the country. Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador. The school time is from September to first week of July. Participants are welcome to take part of the program any month for short or long term.

The only requirement is to know basic Spanish, motivation and flexibility.

Learn about life and immerse yourself in this fascinating country and participate in the affordable volunteer teaching in Quito to make the world a better place.

Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador

Teaching English Volunteer Work Quito Ecuador

Time volunteering: 2 weeks minimum and maximum 12 weeks

Cost of the program:

  • per Week: $150

The cost includes: Pick up airport, breakfast and dinner each day, accommodation in a host family.


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