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Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America

25 Mar , 2015  

Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America because Ecuador is a country of boundless diversity, friendly people and spectacular natural wonders. You can travel in a day from tropical lowlands where bananas grow, to the Andean Mountains where llamas graze beneath volcanoes over 20,000 feet high, and on to the edge of the mystical Amazon Basin. The Ecuador Volunteer and Trips program is a meaningful opportunity for volunteers who wish to explore the beauty of Ecuador, its culture, nature, and people while volunteering in Quito or Cloud Forest. The Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America program’s aims are to help orphaned children, day care center, children with disabilities and health Hospital – giving them much needed hope and guidance and to conserve the beauty of the Cloud Forest. As a volunteer you will be teaching health education/English/sanitation to poor kids/feeding hummingbirds/collecting seeds for exhibition. You also help children to develop their creative talents, working with them to draw pictures, play games and perform various creative activities. After a few days of working for the poor children or any volunteer project in the Cloud Forest, Eco-Volunteer UP will organise a four day tour of Ecuador where you will experience Ecuador’s rich past, exciting future, wonderful culture and natural beauty by exploring the biggest indigenous market in Otavalo, a paradise of magical beauty in Papallacta, the bio-diversity of the protective forest at Pasochoa Volcano (a refuge of wild life), beautiful landscapes with dense Forest, flora and fauna in Mindo.

Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America

Itinerary – Volunteer tourism Ecuador

Day 1 : Meeting at Eco-Volunteer UP’s office to talking about the voluntary projects, responsibilities and distribution of the work, where you have to go, the time of the work and location of the project. Depart for the voluntary placement and start working.

Days 2 to 10 : The volunteers work in their projects – helping the people in the orphanage, day care center, children with disabilities or health Hospital as taking care of the children, teaching English to the children of the community school or collecting seeds at the forest. Evening time is free and volunteers can go to the Old Town to get to know the culture and people of Quito. You can also talk with the coordinator about any questions you have or advice you need. On the tenth day volunteers meet in Eco-Volunteer UP’s office to talk about the trips, what to bring, etc.

4 Day Tour – Exploration of boundless diversity and spectacular natural wonders of Ecuador.

Day 1 Explore Otavalo – Ibarra Departure to Otavalo, located two hours from Quito, early in the morning to explore the biggest indigenous market in South America. You will see some beautiful landscapes and lakes. Lunch in Otavalo. Visit the amazing lakes in Ibarra, called the town of lakes or white town. Return to Quito.

Day 2 Papallacta – A Gateway to the Amazon Basin Departure to Papallacta in the morning, an idyllic place surrounded by magical beauty and incredible mountains, as well as a paradise for nature lovers, active outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and naturalists. It is located two hours from Quito. You will enjoy the famous natural hot spring with a fresh bath.

Day 3 Pasochoa Refuge of Wildlife – Departure to Pasochoa in the morning, visiting Los Chillos Valley to explore the refuge of wildlife. We will stop to learn more about the flora, fauna and rich history and then you can climb the volcano at 4.200 metres above sea level. A packed lunch will be served at the refuge of the volcano and then we return to Quito.

Day 4 Mindo – Explore the beauty of Ecuador’s nature Departure to Mindo in the morning, where you will see beautiful landscapes and dense serene forest, flora and fauna. We explore the archaeological site, learn about the history of Ecuador and hike to the waterfall. The return to Quito marks the closing of the program.

Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America

Travel Volunteer Ecuador Latin America

Time volunteering: Depending on you

Cost of the program:

Program Fee – Volunteer tourism Ecuador (2 weeks) US $450

Included: Orientation and support during the time you are volunteering and on trips, pick up airport, ten days of volunteer work, four day of trips, three meals per day, accommodations, and private transport (for the 4 days of the trip).


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