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Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador

25 Mar , 2015  

In Ecuador, it is not uncommon for women to raise 5 or more children, each with different biological fathers. A sad reality is that it is also common for the mother’s latest companion to rape the eldest daughter, often resulting in pregnancy. One expects a reaction from the mother, but not the sort of reaction that is so common here in Ecuador. As a result of the rape, the mother feels shamed and often times jealous. It is likely that the mother will abandon her own daughter who is then shunned by the family. This leaves the daughter without the comfort of additional family members who should be there to provide support. These abandoned pregnant, adolescent rape victims, often only thirteen or fourteen years old, face a dismal future. They are without money, support, homes or any job prospects. Most worrying of all, these adolescents are carrying an unborn baby who will enter a world where education will not be available to them and their options for a self-sustainable life are non-existent. Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador

Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador

It is not uncommon for such desperate girls to drift into the sex trade industry or the world of drug use; further blighting their lives and potential to contribute meaningfully to society. Many teen mothers abandon their babies due to lack of support, or simply because they are overwhelmed and under-prepared for the experience of motherhood.
This outstanding program Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador focuses on a shelter that provides a home for as many of these girls and their unborn children as possible. In this shelter, these adolescents are shown a different life path; one that could lead to a more productive life than they would have ever known possible without this opportunity.
Teen mothers come to the shelter for a place to stay and to receive meals. The purpose of the shelter is to give the mothers hope by teaching them about childcare and the realities of motherhood. The shelter also has a small workshop area where the mothers produce artisan products. The skills learned in the workshop help them to build skills for when they leave the shelter. The products created are sold to raise money for the upkeep and running of the home.
Volunteers may help with caring for the children, as well as assisting with educational workshops for the young mothers, teaching English, and/or participating in recreational activities. Past workshop themes included gender communication, self-esteem and sex education. Volunteers are encouraged to teach workshops. This is a great opportunity to supply the required materials and demonstrate your skills at the Teen Moms Volunteer Abroad in Ecuador.

Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador

Volunteer Teen Moms Quito Ecuador

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and maximum 12 weeks

Cost of the program:

  • per Week: $150

The cost includes: Pick up airport, breakfast and dinner each day, accommodation in a host family.


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