Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador

Cloud Forest

Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador

24 Mar , 2015  

Work in the rural area, San Jose de las Tolas. Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador offers volunteers opportunities to live and work in an Eco-lodge located in a beautiful and peaceful village. Volunteers support an ongoing organic farming program aimed at developing social and ecological practices. They also learn more about organic farming, reforestation, and environmental issues in Ecuador. With only 200 inhabitants, San Jose de Las Tolas is a small village located in the Cloud Forest area, two hours away from Quito by bus and one hour away from Mindo by bus. It is a touristic area ideal for adventure activities. Your experience in this program will be unforgettable as you will be in contact with the locals and learn Spanish.

Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador

Situated in a beautiful and remote cloud forest, home to the world’s richest bird bio-diversity, unexplored wilderness, natural and archaeological remains (the Yumbos culture lived in the northwestern from 13th to 16th centuries) and vibrant landscapes with 80% native forest and 20% organic farmland.

The eco-lodge and organic farm are dedicated to harvest native products among which are papa china, naranjilla, piña, banana, corn, coffee, tomato tree, and pumpkin. The Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador experience can vary according to your needs, it is not necessary to stay in one place; rotating from farm to farm is possible. Besides, in some farms you help milking the cows or feeding pigs, chickens and winy pigs.
Learn “natural farming” and Permaculture in the Cloud Forest. Participants learn how to grow their own food without chemical pesticides. The activities on the farm are varied; ranging from compost making – we have organic coffee plants, planting fruits and vegetables, pest control, organic weed control and communal work, etc. You will gain an ecological experience in the Cloud Forest.
Accommodations are often rustic but always comfortable. On your free time you can explore the surroundings, Mindo, Tulipe, Waterfalls or go to Quito.
This placement project needs flexible volunteers, with varied and different background experience who are ready to get dirty. Use your talents and, develop new skills while making a difference in the lives of local people and saving the environment.

Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador

Volunteer Work Organic Farm Mindo Ecuador

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and maximum 12 weeks


  • 1 week – $175
  • 2 weeks – $275
  • 3 weeks – $375
  • 1 month – $475

Included :

Accommodations in rustic cabins with private bathroom – not hot water. Volunteers can share or have private accommodation.
Meals are provided from Monday to Friday by the family who lives in the Eco-lodge.

NOT Included :

  • Transportation to Las Tolas (Bus from Quito, $2,50)
  • Truck from las Tolas to the Lodge ($5)
  • Meals during the weekends
  • Transport to Mindo if you want to visit the town during the weekend.

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