volunteer work otavalo community ecuador

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Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador

24 Mar , 2015  

Live, work and learn Quichua with an indigenous community in a rural area in the Ecuadorian Andes. Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador in one of our community service programs in Ecuador is located in a small village in the Ecuadorian Andes, about a 2-hour bus ride from Quito, near the Imbabura volcano and Otavalo, the biggest market in South America, which is becoming more and more popular with tourists. This traditional village has a significant population of both indigenous and mestizos. The community has about 1200 inhabitants living in an area of 40 hectares.

Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador

The main purpose of this volunteer project is “living together”; essentially allowing a cultural exchange between volunteer and indigenous families. Each family has their own land with a great diversity of native crops handled and stored on its farms or community orchards. Agricultural biodiversity is an important part of their cultural heritage and so the indigenous community maintains and ensures the cultural and culinary aspects of local crops. Several of the houses have been built with traditional local materials that provide an authentic experience as well as sufficient privacy for volunteers. Staying in one of the rural accommodations offers a unique opportunity to appreciate traditional indigenous family life, and share experiences and culture with family and other volunteers. Volunteers can take part in the daily activities of the Andean families such as food preparation and fieldwork in their organic farm, which includes helping to plant or cultivate roots, tubers, tree beans, corn, Andean walnuts, tree tomatoes, quinoa, and more. Quality education is the key to overcoming poverty and forging healthy communities that allow for the progress of developing countries and a better world for all people. The indigenous community program has a day care for children from 8 months to 3 years old and a school for children from 4 to 12 years old. You can help at the local school by teaching English or assisting the teachers, and if your Spanish is strong enough, you can teach other subjects or read books to the village children. Volunteers may also assist at the daycare by feeding, taking care of, or playing with children and helping with their daily activities. Choosing the community service programs in Ecuador. Volunteers are invited to learn about how people live in the surrounding countryside. Volunteering activities can take place with children and/or on the organic farms. In addition, the volunteer program offers you excellent opportunities to enjoy the popular fiestas during the year, and to meet local people from the village, lots of children, and volunteers from around the world. Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador.

Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador

Volunteer Work Otavalo Community Ecuador

Requirements: The program is flexible. This volunteer program is ideal for individuals as well as groups of students and families.

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and maximum 12 weeks

Cost: US$145 per week

The cost includes: Pick up airport, three meals per day and accommodation in the community. First free night (bed & breakfast) with a host family in Quito, transfer from host family to the bus station in Quito (next day of your arrival).

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