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Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador

26 Jan , 2015  

Do you love animals and the outdoors? Come to South America and do Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador in our program and have a great experience! This program is a Rescue Center placed in a small village in the Amazon one and a half hours from Puyo. This area is a very important for world biologist and ecologist. We offer volunteers the chance to live closely to the rainforest and with native animals of the jungle. The Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador program was created in 2006 by a local family to rescue and rehabilitate native animals that have been abused and trafficked.

Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador

Thanks to the hard work and financial support of volunteers, the Animal Rescue Center has been working successfully and caring for around 64 animals most of them different species of monkeys, tortoises, snakes, turkeys, many species of parrots and birds such as macaws, collared peccary as well as other last minute animals that are brought in by the environmental police.
Volunteers will be involved in different care activities such as preparing food to feed animals, collect insects, repair clean and up keep of enclosures and new buildings in the Center, taking notes about animals behaviour, collect seeds and gather vegetables and fruits for the animals as well as any other pursuits the program may need your help with.

It is hard work for first time volunteers Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuadornevertheless the animals will help raise spirits and make up for the hard labor and the environment will help inspire you and your wish to fight against the threats to the wildlife of the Amazon. Your experience will be rewarding working with the local community. On your time off volunteers can take beautiful hikes through surrounding areas and learn about living in the rainforest. Your weekends are free to travel around the touristy towns or to do adventure activities.

We encourage you to volunteer in South America – in our Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador program and prepare yourself to further the commitment in this area and help out in their general care and protection. It is important that these ecosystems are preserved and you should relish the chance to make a difference.

Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador

Volunteer Work Wildlife Conservation Ecuador

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and maximum 12 weeks

Cost: US $145 per week

The cost includes: Pick up airport, accommodation in a comfortable bungalow (bedding is provided), three meals per day. There are two showers with hot water, fresh drinking water, a TV, DVD player, and a book exchange.
First free night (bed & breakfast) with a host family in Quito, transfer from host family to the bus station in Quito (next day of your arrival).


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