Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito

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Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito

25 Mar , 2015  

Put a smile on their face. Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito program is a school for children with few economic resources who are affected by cerebral palsy, or reduced motor or speech skills. Some of the children are not capable of controlling their bowels. The school is the only place where they can learn to adapt on their own because they are often kept at home without adequate care or attention, and in some cases they are even locked in their homes while their parents go to work.
The school has around 30 children with 5 therapists. The children practice motor skills, receive physical, language, musical and psychological therapy, and hypo-therapy once a month. The children also receive a snack and lunch. The volunteer project aims to help the children by offering them physical therapy, stimulation and care.

Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito

Eco Volunteer UP welcomes any volunteer who has skills suitable for such a project or who wants to learn. But the skills need not be very advanced. For example, some experience in yoga would be very helpful. We are really looking for those with an interest in working with these kids. Volunteers interested in this project must especially have affection for being with these children. Although it is very upsetting to see the way these illnesses have affected such young lives, it is immensely rewarding to offer them care and attention and to see them respond to assistance and love. Volunteers will help the therapist in many areas. Additional work includes caring for the children through feeding, washing, playing and teaching. Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito.
The volunteer work in Ecuador at children with special needs program is looking for amazing people as you to join in this project giving a valuable support role where you gain experience working with us. It is a rewarding and satisfying way of spending some of your time volunteering with children.

Volunteering Children With Special Needs Quito

Volunteering Children with Special Needs Quito

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and maximum 12 weeks

Cost of the program:

  • per Week: $150

The cost includes: Pick up airport, breakfast and dinner each day, accommodation in a host family.


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